Your Groceries, Now Delivered
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Apr 24, 2018


Your Groceries, Now Delivered

By Christopher Payne, Chief Operating Officer We’ve all been there: you’ve started to make dinner, when suddenly it hits you. You’re out of olive oil. Do you drop everything for a grocery store run? Luckily, that’s no longer necessary — now you can get your groceries delivered right to your door. As of today, we’ve teamed up with Walmart to power their online grocery delivery. Thanks to DoorDash Drive, our innovative fulfillment technology, Walmart now has the keys to DoorDash’s expansive fleet of Dashers. Kicking things off with deliveries in the Atlanta metro area, we’ll continue to expand our reach with Walmart across the U.S. so that everyone can experience the convenience of grocery delivery — whenever they need it. Whether you’re shopping for that missing ingredient or need a whole refrigerator’s worth of groceries, simply place your order online at or on the existing Walmart Grocery App, switch to the Delivery tab, and select a delivery window at checkout. After items have been hand-selected by Walmart’s personal shoppers, a Dasher will deliver your order to you during the delivery window you selected. It’s that easy. We’re excited to take the convenience you already know and love from DoorDash one step further with grocery delivery. So save a trip to the store and say goodbye to unloading all those bags of groceries from your car — and get ready for a time back to do something you love.

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