About Us

A better way to read tech blogs

Who we are

We're a group of friends who hit upon the idea of blogshunt after trolling through swaths of websites to get some reading material on real life scenarios posted by companies and individuals in their blogs. We found an acute lack of discoverability and one source of truth for all the great blogs out there. That's when we decided to embark on this journey to build something for the community. And personally we're already using it for discovering new content!

What is our Mission

Our aim is to help enthusiasts find tech blogs in a easier and efficient way, so we created Blogshunt where we have curated and collected tech blogs and are constantly adding new content. Discoverability is a big problem in the world of blogs due to the fragmented ecosystem. The vision of Blogshunt is to give people a single place where they can follow the type of quality content they like without wading through or remembering a multitude of websites/companies. In the end, a reader should care only for quality material without the additional headache of remembering where they can avail the content.

Team - Shitij

Loves chess and trekking. Experienced developer. Known for his humour

Team - Shashank

Tech enthusiast. Loves chess and cracks dad jokes at every possible moment.

Team - Nitin

Loves trekking but is also the first one to get tired! Known for his cool nature.